Welcome to the Wackerfuss family website!


On this site you will find a series of photo albums and also links to other web-based materials such as videos, video slideshows, etc.


Dorene and I have been avid amateur photographers for many years. Back in my college days, I would develop my own black and white film. Dorene gave me an enlarger and I used that for many several years. And then thru the 70's and 80's we took 35 mm slides, some of which of which I have scanned and some remain to be scanned. In recent years, our photography has been on a digital Canon SLR.


Tom has also recorded video of family events, initially on a video camera that used full-size VHS tapes. Then there was the 8 MM analog video. Then the digital DV format. And most recently a Panasonic HD camdorder.


For those with a technical interest, the site runs on CentOS and Liferay and uses several custom portlets built by Tom.


We hope you enjoy the photos. This website has been dormant for a couple years. I have a couple years of catching up to do.


Warm regards,

Tom Wackerfuss