Stage by Stage Walkthrough

This game has many twists & turns and forks in the road, so it can be tough to decide where to go next.  Also, some stages have special characters that will join your army or items to collect, but only if you know how to find them. Following this walkthrough stage by stage, you should have no problem in getting the “World” ending!  You may have noticed that the stage order I have provided is slightly different from what you may have seen on other sites.  For one, the order is somewhat flexible, and having it different makes the site stand out a bit. There are several instances where you can do one stage or another, and it doesn’t really matter much. The other reason is there are small side plots that occur doing it this way that you may not have seen before.  Nothing big enough to change which ending you’ll get, just that they may provide you with an extra item or two. Examples of this are doing Shangrila before Kalbian Peninsula, so that you can have Debonair confront Figaro, and doing Antalia before Tundra, so that Yushis can confront her sister Mizal.  There’s a few others as well, but you’ll just have to check out the stages to see what I mean!

The Castle of Warren

Sharom Border

Sharom District

Pogrom Forest

Lake Jannenia

Deneb's Garden

The Beginning




Full Moon

Glass Pumpkin

Slums of Zenobia

Island Avalon

Kastolatian Sea


Valley of Kastro

Alpha: Muspelm

Days Long Gone

The Black Knight




The Paladin

Beta: Organa

City of Malano


Kalbian Peninsula

Balmorian Ruins


The Lost Knight

The Prince

The Cloud City

Snow Field

The Wizard



Gamma: Antanjyl

Fort Allamoot

Delta: Shiguld

Dalmuhd Desert

Ryhan Sea

White Nights


The Empire

The Gradon Rider

The Assassin

Final Paradise

Fort Shulamana

Shrine of Kulyn

City of Xanadu


Temple Shalina

Epsilon: Dragon's Haven



The End Nears

Ogre Battle

The Black God

Dragon’s Haven

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